7 Science-Based Exercises to Strengthen Your Relationship

The 10 best couples therapy exercises at home can be a great way to connect, improve communication skills, have fun together, and learn more about each other. Whether your own relationship has suffered or thrived over the past few years, every partnership can benefit from a tune-up. We've put together seven science-based relationship exercises that can help couples strengthen their bond. The decline in confidence is a confidence-building exercise that may seem small, but that promotes big results.

This exercise can be done as a fun activity with friends or as part of couples therapy at home.

Making a list of fun activities

to try together is a great way to start. You and your partner can do one exercise a day for a week or just choose a few that you think are fun. You can also maintain marriage counseling worksheets with a more detailed analysis that can be used for self-evaluation. These exercises are designed to help couples build healthy, life-enriching relationships.

They can help you and your partner reconnect and learn more about each other. So why not give them a try?.

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