How to Cope When Feeling Overwhelmed in a Relationship

When in a relationship with someone who has experienced trauma, it can be difficult to understand their behavior and provide the necessary support. It is important to set aside time every day to listen to each other, ask for what you need, engage in “undemanded” affect, practice talking to reduce stress, and avoid conflict. When communicating, it is important to express your point of view and then pause and let your partner respond. It can also be useful to summarize what the other person has said, to ensure that nothing is missed.

This will help both partners feel heard and understood. It is also important to remember that therapy can be an effective way of helping couples cope with the challenges of trauma. A therapist can provide guidance on how to communicate better and how to manage stress. They can also help couples identify triggers and develop strategies for dealing with them.

Finally, it is important to remember that it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the process of therapy. It is important to take breaks when needed and practice self-care. Taking time for yourself can help you stay focused and better able to support your partner.

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