What Type of Therapist is Best for Marriage Counseling?

When it comes to marriage counseling, it's important to choose the right type of therapist. Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) and licensed professional counselors (LPCS) are not typically qualified to provide couples therapy. The best option is to seek out a marriage and family therapist, who has specialized education, training, and experience in helping couples. Solution-focused therapy is a great choice for couples who have a specific problem they want to work on in their relationship.

This approach helps them find a solution to their issues instead of just talking about the same problems over and over again. Emotion-centered therapy (EFT) is another type of relationship counseling that can be highly effective in improving marriages and deepening emotional and physical intimacy. When it comes to choosing between types of marriage counseling, it's important to look for ones that focus on repairing and maintaining relationships rather than seeking quick solutions. It's also important to consider the duration of the program, which can range from a weekend to a few weeks.

You can also choose between marriage counselors or local marriage therapists who come from a similar religious tradition. If your relationship has problems that have developed over a long period of time, you may want to seek out therapists who offer types of counseling that last for months or even years. Models such as family systems therapy can be used from an individual level to an entire extended family, and some of the best types of marriage counseling are those that consider the dynamics of the family in general and their effects on the couple. At the most basic level, it's important to seek out one of the types of marriage counseling that focuses on working with both partners at once.

If either of you is a member of a religious community, it might be useful to discuss the types of marriage counseling that your religious group can provide.

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