What is the Difference Between Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy and marriage counseling are two popular suggestions for couples going through a difficult time. While it is true that both address the current situation and any story that has caused unhealthy relationship patterns, there are some key differences between the two. Marriage counseling is usually a short-term focused treatment, while couples therapy is a therapeutic process that can last several sessions. Marriage counseling is often done when newlyweds want to understand the “why” of their relationship, while couples therapy is usually sought when the couple has problems, big or small.

Marriage counselors must have a state-issued license to diagnose mental illness if this is a major part of the problem in their relationship, and some counselors are not always licensed, but they can advise. A recent national survey revealed that 81% of all private practice therapists in the United States say that they offer couples therapy or marriage counseling. Marriage counseling tends to deal with current events more than past ones, while couples counseling, couples therapy, and marriage counseling address the historical arc of relationships. With the will and consent of both parties, marriage and relationship therapy can help the couple establish new relationship rules to reduce arguments.

If you're looking for a place that can provide you with marriage counseling techniques or couples therapy to get your relationship back on track, look no further.

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